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No Risk Fund Raising

What if someone told you they would partner with you to help you raise funds for your organization risk free? That’s exactly what Magician Terry Owens wants to do for you.

As you know there are a lot of fund raising companies that want to take the lion’s share of the money you raise using their program. Terry Owens has found a way for you to keep up to 60% of the money raised through ticket sales to the event and that’s just the beginning.

    Is it too good to be true?

     Here’s how it works…

     Terry Owens is willing to come and perform his family show for your organization for a split of the ticket sales for the event.

 What does this mean for you?

Instead of worrying about raising the fee to pay the entertainer before you make any money, Terry Owens allows you to potentially make money from the first dollar that comes in. With his Fund Raiser Program, he takes all the risks so you can concentrate on raising the funds you need.

To get more specific…the money is raised a couple of different ways.

·         Ticket Sales – Every ticket you sell generates a 60% commission. If you sold just 200 tickets at $10 each that would be $1,200.00 for your group.

·         Optional: Back of Room Sales – Here is where you can sell refreshments, popcorn, baked goods, t-shirts, etc.  

Please Note: All of Your Back of Room Sales goes directly back to you. The sky is the limit on the amount of money you can raise at one of your events.

What’s required of you?

 Terry Owens asks that you find the location to host your event, it can be a school, a church, auditorium or a meeting hall…you could possibly get this donated for the event. Don’t be afraid to ask businesses to sponsor your event to help with expenses that you might occur. Terry’s goal is for you to make the most money you can!

 Make up tickets to be sold - Terry Owens can provide a pdf which will have all the event information prepared on the ticket. All you have to do is copy the tickets. Have members sell the tickets. See if there are businesses, such as banks, to help provide ticket sales to the public. Another possibility, you could give tickets to local radio stations in exchange for promoting your event.

 Terry Owens will also provide you with a poster that you can run off to place throughout the community.

 Terry Owens’ desire is to be of service to you. He will make himself available to walk you through every step of putting the event together. He’s here to serve you!

So what’s your next step?

Get some possible dates for when you would like to have your event, then contact Terry Owens at 260 413-7314 to see if he is available to come at that time. Once a date is agreed upon, Terry will draw up a contract spelling out the percentage that you will receive.

Give Terry Owens a call today @ 260 413-7314